ALLPLAN develops a powerful tool to merge BIM projects

Allplan Bimplus is open for any construction software

Allplan Bimplus is a powerful tool developed by ALLPLAN that is used to merge BIM projects, regardless of the system used and covering all disciplines. This tool is open to any software in the construction sector, from standard formats such as IFC and BCF, to API programming interfaces. There is even a direct connection to the Allplan solution compatible with BIM.


With the instrument developed by ALLPLAN, a firm that will be exhibiting at BIMEXPO, partial models of the different technical disciplines can be combined for later analysis. The administrator guarantees efficient task management, and access to Allplan Bimplus through mobile terminals gives the possibility of working on the project no matter where we are.


This allows construction works to be planned, built and exploited more quickly, more profitably and with higher quality. More quickly because all the people involved in the project can access the current state of planning and the tasks defined simultaneously and from anywhere. Greater profitability and quality, since the discrepancies in the planning are detected and solved before the works begin.


Allplan Bimplus is the ultimate BIM platform so that all disciplines can collaborate efficiently on construction projects. The data, information, documents and tasks of the BIM models are managed centrally throughout the building’s life cycle.


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