2016 Figures

254 exhibitors
7.000 trade visitors

Construtec 2016 closing press release

CONSTRUTEC 2016 emerges as the main commercial platform in southern Europe, as part of ePower&Building, bringing together 72,275 professional participants


ePower&Building, with 8 halls and 1,300 exhibitors, has become the main commercial platform in southern Europe, demonstrating all solutions involved in the building process

CONSTRUTEC 2016, a trade fair specialising in building materials, solutions and techniques, brought 254 direct exhibitors together under the same roof, tripling the number of exhibitors compared to the last edition and greatly enhancing the geographical cover of the fair throughout the whole of the Iberian Peninsula and in the international sphere

BIMEXPO 2016 had surprises in store for the industry and was presented to thousands of professionals in a practical and dynamic format and filled with activities

Technology, restoration, sustainability and architecture were the main themes that took the leading role in CONSTRUTEC 2016

ePower&Building 2016, the trade fair specialising in all solutions involved in the building process, organised by IFEMA, and which includes the individual trade fairs CONSTRUTEC, PIEDRA, VETECO, BIMEXPO, MATELEC, LIGHTEC and URBÓTICA, was attended by 72,275 professional participants between 25 and 28 October at Feria de Madrid.


Marketing, innovation and knowledge were the three areas on which the main trade fair for the building industry in Spain was focused, contributing to showing the economic potential of an industry that is so important for the country’s economy. According to Raúl Calleja, Director of CONSTRUTEC “ePower&Building has strongly marked the turning point for Spain, a country with a tradition and vocation in the building trade, to have its major international building trade fair, strengthening through this industry platform the positioning of the Spanish channel as an international construction hub. As industry stakeholders our role is to add, and to have others add.” 


.International nature


The international positioning of ePower&Building as a major platform in southern Europe has led 11% of all visitors coming from outside Spain, bringing together professionals from 86 countries worldwide. Portugal (35%), Italy (7%), and France (4.6%) were the main European countries of origin of these professional visitors to CONSTRUTECT 2016. Worthy of note was the role of North Africa, with Morocco (4.6%) at the head and also achieving, due to geographical proximity and urban development, attendance by large delegations of industry professionals from Tunisia, Egypt and Cote d’Ivoire. Mexico (7%) and Argentina (5,3%) were the main Ibero-American markets that attended the event, looking for trade alliances with the Spanish market.


Importers of construction materials, construction companies and developers from Morocco and Côte d’Ivoire encouraged Spanish companies to collaborate with these countries in a business meeting on infrastructure in these territories, organised by ASICMA, the Association of Engineering Companies, Consultancy, Environment, Architecture and Technology Services of Madrid, in collaboration with IFEMA and the business consultancies How2Go and Opening Markets.


The International Business Area, managed by AMEC, organised intensive commercial activity with presentations, breakfast meetings and over 320 B2B meetings with 11 Ibero-American and 13 African companies, with each of them holding an average of 16 meetings with Spanish companies. At the conference dedicated to the African market, 39 Spanish companies were involved and at the one dedicated to Ibero-America, another 35 national companies attended.


At CONSTRUTEC 2016, a total of 34 direct exhibitors came from 11 countries.




.Mass support for the professional channel


The professional channel of the building engineering industry, distribution, installation, reform and restoration companies was extensively represented at CONSTRUTEC 2016, with more than 7,000 construction professionals; growth was observed from all autonomous communities, particularly Andalusia (+106%), Valencia (+60%), Catalonia (+ 41%), Castilla la Mancha (+17%), Castilla y Leon (+10%) and Madrid (+24%), thus achieving a wide representation from all of Spain.


.Architecture and customer motivation


Likewise, one of the objectives of ePower & Building, that of creating industry synergies in order to bring together the customer motivation and recommendation channel was achieved, according to the results: the attendance of 8,102 professionals from the customer motivation channel, 4,567 of which were architects, designers and interior designers, and 3,535 were builders, developers, tertiary channel and property managers.


ARQUITECTURA CON EÑE, the programme within ePower & Building 2016 aimed at the architect channel, was one of the outstanding protagonists with more than 50 events, workshops and competitions aimed at the customer motivation channel. Among the many activities carried out was the En-samblajes programme, which highlighted the relationships between Architecture and sociology, politics, botany, cinema, gastronomy, marketing, finance, etc., and the Competitions Workshop, which presented 59´ of live ideas for universities and colleges, and an express ideas contest for proposing solutions to real problems. The winners of this Contest, belonging to DREAMY from the ETSAM of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, who were tutored by Andrea González Garan, were José Luís Pérez Blanco, Javier Estebala Alandez, Juan Dafydd Jones Aleñar and Manuel Bouzas Barcala.


In LAPLÃZA, designed by young contest winners KuneOffice studio, the “PIEDRA DE ARTE Prizes” (use of stone in Architecture) were awarded. The prize for Best Building Project was awarded to Emilio Tuñón Álvarez and Luis Moreno Mansilla, and the Best Public Space Project went to Burgos & Garrido, Porras La Casta, Rubio & Álvarez-Sala Arquitectos, West8 and Ginés Garrido (Project Manager). Also, in the “ARQUITECTURA S+ Prizes” (sustainability and efficiency), the prize for Best Building Project was awarded to Elizabeth Abalo Díaz and Gonzalo Alonso Núñez, and the one forBest Public Space Project went to Paredes Pedrosa Arquitectos.


The Eñe del Año Prize (Recognition as Architect of the Year), in collaboration with the CSCAE, went to Iñaki Carnicero and Carlos Quintans, curators of the Spanish hall at the Architecture Biennial.


The award for the Best Stand in Temporary Architecture at CONSTRUTEC 2016 went to Concordia.


.Innovation, technology and BIM


The exhibitors at CONSTRUTEC 2016 demonstrated their latest solutions, products and services to the channel, with innovation and technology being the stars of the newly designed trade fair.


Among the forums and conferences held at CONSTRUTEC 2016 was the R3MAT Congress, organised by the  employers’ association CEPCO, Spanish Confederation of Associations of Manufacturers of Construction Products, which demonstrated that restoration should not be limited to buildings but should be extended to neighbourhoods as whole. The purpose of the Forum which was to analyse urban restoration, regeneration and renovation, as the basis of the future of a sustainable construction industry. At the meeting, the Chairman of IFEMA, Clemente González Soler, stated that the trade fair “will enhance business and commercial interaction”, as well as “promoting energy efficiency, sustainability and restoration”. Meanwhile, Luis Vega, from the Directorate General of Architecture, Housing and Land of the Ministry of Development, warned that in Spain we still have “housing stock with poor quality in terms of energy and acoustic performance”.


Another of the meetings, the Second Alimarket Construction Conference, made it possible to share some ideas for meeting the challenges laid down by the new building industry model. The forum was attended by over a hundred managers of companies from the various market players: from materials suppliers and manufacturers, distributors and purchasing centres to builders, contractors and property developers.


The third edition of TECH CONSTRUCTION DAY once again become a space for professional dialogue about technology and innovation in the building industry and revealed the main trends for the future on the way to building industry 4.0. Organised by the SabiMad Proyectos y Obras company, at the forum for AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operation) technicians real examples were shown of the application of the latest advances in technology and visitors were able to enjoy seeing the new technologies in the building industry, Architecture, engineering and AECO, as well as finding out about matters such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing for Construction, BIM and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Drones applied to Construction and the Social Networks.


Elsewhere, in the ANERR Circuit, an open space focused on restoration, there were 25 to 30 practical solutions provided by the restoration companies and the manufacturers that accompanied them. Added to this was an area for exhibiting restoration materials and systems, a wall showing general information about restoration and a training scenario on restoration, techniques and materials. In addition, specific talks were given about BIM related to restoration, discussions and round tables about restoration, presentations of products and innovations, and a practical programme for fitters.




Almost 60 companies attended this first edition of BIMEXPO 2016. Thousands of professionals were able to participate in the technical content, conferences, solutions … at the main meeting point in Spain for the BIM world, in order to accelerate the implementation of its use in our country, promote and develop open standards for the exchange of information related to buildings and infrastructure, and serve as a platform to boost the knowledge and professionalisation of BIM in the building industry.


CONSTRUTEC wanted to promote awareness of BIM among all its exhibitors, and therefore over 100 products from these companies were “bimetised” at the Fair free of charge, thanks to collaboration with BIMETICA.


“BIM FORUM, within BIMEXPO, has become the BIM Forum of reference in Spain and Europe, not only due to the large numbers of professional visitors, but also due to the quality of the national and international speakers”, said Pablo Callegaris, CEO of BIMETICA.




PIEDRA, the International Natural Stone Trade Fair, was attended by 45 companies, which revealed the relevance of a sector in our country that is of great importance for the producing areas, acting and lifeline and economic engine for some regions. Within the national scope, natural stone is a traditional and mature economic sector that is undergoing transformation due to the changing international economic landscape.




Sustainability was one of the key elements at CONSTRUTEC 2016. And, in this context, the Passivhaus workshops organised by the consortium of companies committed to Passivhaus, achieved great success in terms of participation. A total of 847 professionals were registered for the 48 workshops held during the trade fair, including professionals related to the enclosure sector, architects and architectural design offices, mainly focused on sustainable architecture.


The workshops were delivered by the best instructors accredited by the German Passivhaus Institute. And the training was aimed at obtaining real knowledge of the new challenges of a building with almost zero energy consumption. Thus, the key elements and concepts of sealing, draught-proofing, comfort, health, almost zero consumption, insulation, high performance enclosures, controlled ventilation, business model and Passivhaus positioning were taught.


The GBCe also had a very active and prominent role in the event, with the most interesting conference on how sustainability is communicated, presentation of the World Watch Institute Annual Report and seminars for developers (sustainability as a market value) or the training day on how to design and prescribe sustainability.



At the CONSTRUTEC conference, it was stated that restoration should not be limited to buildings but should be extended to neighbourhoods as a whole. This was pointed out by the experts participating in the R3MAT FORUM, organised by the employers’ association CEPCO, Spanish Confederation of Associations of Manufacturers of Construction Products, the purpose of which was to analyse urban restoration, regeneration and renovation, as the basis of the future of a sustainable construction industry.


“Smart cities”, as a new urban concept that is coming to Spain, were studied and discussed by experts participating in the Smart Cities conference. Javier Méndez Martínez, Director of the Technical Office of the Official College of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of Madrid, explained that “around 27,000 people die every year in Spain due to poor air quality” and stated that “smart cities could reduce this figure”.


Experts and participants in the Fair declared it a very positive experience. Luis Rodulfo Zabala, Managing Director of CEPCO, the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Manufacturers of Construction Products, stated that “CONSTRUTEC and ePower & Building have been a truly important international event for the construction sector and for the materials industry. We have been able to listen to the voices of all agents in the industry with a desire to commit to it and, above all, the Fair, with all its exhibitors, has sent a clear message about change for the future, with ideas for quality, industry 4.0, reform and restoration, work for end users, coordination between the industry and public administrations, etc. The enormous growth of the Fair is a reflection of the internal strength of our Materials Industry and the right future for the building industry.”


Fernando Prieto, Chairman of ANERR, stated that “For us it has been a success to hold our third edition of the ANERR Restoration Programme within the framework of CONSTRUTEC, a fair that continues to reinvent and promote the industry. In our space containing 700 square metres of scaffolding structure, the container gave way to the content allowing visitors to take a tour of the Restoration process, beginning with Diagnosis, followed by Solutions and Financing, and incorporating as always Basic Administration, with its Aid Programmes”.


Among other exhibitors, LUMION were of the opinion that “the BIM Expo has meant that many professionals can discover how architectural visualisation software helps them to get a feel for the spaces designed from CAD/BIM models in professional images, videos and 360º panoramic views with the least effort.” They also explained that“the attendees were very interested in testing the virtual reality glasses from scenes quickly generated in LUMION”.


Cándido Zamora, Chief Operating Officer of EX SITU, pointed out that “the construction of our prefabricated building aroused great expectation and we are very satisfied “, and explained that” we have not stopped answering requests for information, especially by young architects, as well as numerous developers and builders”. And Ana del Río, from DANOSA, explained that “We welcomed many visitors and potential customers right from the first day. The presence of international visitors was very prominent; and the parallel activities that took place at the fair have had a very positive impact on our stand”.


Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, from SIKA, said “we have had over 1,000 visitors -mainly from administrators, distributors and customers-, which has exceeded our forecasts, and we have held a number of business meetings”. And José Miguel Peña, from KRONOPOL, noted that “we have welcomed almost 200 customers and held dozens of business meetings with customers from various sectors, including refurbishment, warehouses, construction, etc.”.


For Manuel Piña, Commercial and Marketing Manager of DRIZORO, “the number of visits from the last edition has been exceeded and the profile of visitors has improved, especially fitters and distributors, and the holding of the Fair as part of the ePower&Building event has boosted business”. According to Carlos Marín, Marketing Manager for GRUPO SAN MARINO, “there has been a great influx of visitors and we have had numerous meetings with potential customers, to whom we have put forward proposals”.  While Fran Lorente, Sales Director at CERANOR, concluded that his stand “had around 800 visitors and we have had dozens of work meetings every day”.


Given the success of this edition of the Fair, IFEMA is already working on the next event, CONSTRUTEC 2018, to be held from 13 to 16 November 2018, at Feria de Madrid.