DANOSA launches a 'full equip' solution for deck roofs

It is designed for logistics centres, industrial buildings and shopping centres

DANOSA continues taking steps towards a new way of understanding sustainable construction and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. In this line, the CONSTRUTEC exhibitor has just presented the Cool Roofing system, a ‘full equip’ solution that combines waterproofing, thermoacoustic insulation and smoke evacuation systems.


This new concept is designed for industrial building (logistics centres, warehouses or shopping centres) now booming after the revolution supposed by e-commerce for the traditional logistics sector. It is also a flexible solution, since it adapts to the needs of each building by integrating the most appropriate system. Likewise, the fact that DANOSA manufactures all the materials that compose it reduces costs and execution times and provides reliability in the control of commissioning.


The fact is that this ‘all in one’ is also associated with a technical advisory service that supports its correct design, installation and maintenance. Likewise, among other advantages, it incorporates new induction fastening technologies in the roofs and the materials do not absorb water, do not create deformations, maintain their heat performance in the long term and comply with that established in terms of the system’s Broof (t1) behaviour with external fire. It has also just obtained the recent Bs1d0 internal fire classification, which equates it to fire certifications of similar systems that use wool.


More information at CONSTRUTEC and at  www.danosa.com

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