ePower&Building 2018 announces the '59 Minutes of Architecture Ideas' contest

The participants, Architecture students, must register before 22 October

The contest will be held in LAPLÃZA, the space for the group of architects and companies collaborating with the ARQUITECTURA CON EÑE (Architecture with ‘ñ’) programme

IFEMA and ePower & Building are committed to the architects of the future, helping with training and fostering encounters between companies and universities 

The second edition of ePower & Building, the event organised by IFEMA at Feria de Madrid from 13 to 16 November 2018, has convened the “59 Minutes of Architecture Ideas” contest for architecture students. The contest will be held in LAPLÃZA, the space dedicated to this group, that will be located in the central area of ePower & Building, between Halls 5 and 6. Participants who want to compete must register before 22 October.


The ePower & Building event will bring together IFEMA exhibitions related to the building industry: CONSTRUTEC, BIMEXPO, ARCHISTONE, VETECO and MATELEC. These events will once again coincide with the second edition of MATELEC INDUSTRY.


LAPLÃZA will be a multi-purpose, multifunctional and multidisciplinary space aimed at architects within the framework of ePower & Building, the main event in southern Europe that brings together all the solutions for the construction cycle. This is a space for the group of architects and companies collaborating with the ARQUITECTURA CON EÑE programme, which is the main pillar of the activities designed for the architects visiting the event.


Sector commitment


IFEMA and ePower & Building have an industry commitment with the architects of the future, contributing to the training and collaborative meeting space between companies and universities. As a part of all the content that in LAPLÃZA, the “59 minutes of Architecture Ideas” Contest will involve 5 teams of 3 or 4 Architecture students each, who will have to work for 59 minutes on a “surprise case” presented by a renowned architect, proposing innovative and creative ideas. At the end of this time, each team will have to present and defend their project in 8 minutes before the jury and the public.


The format is structured so that on 13, 14 and 15 November 6 different contests will be held in the morning (from 11:00 to 13:30) and in the afternoon (from 15:30 to 18:00), the winners of which will go on to the final that will take place in the morning of 16 November to resolve the final case put forward by the COAM. 30 teams can therefore participate in the contest, of which the 6 winners will go on to the final.


Out of all the registrations sent in before 22 October, a draw will be held with the COAM to choose the 5 teams participating each day in the morning and in the afternoon. Those selected will be informed of the day of their participation on 8 November. Travel and accommodation will be provided for contestants from universities outside of Madrid. The jury of each contest will be composed of the tutors of the participating teams (who will not be able to vote for their own team), and by the architect presenting the case (with a double vote in the event of a tie).


Each Architecture training centre can present more than one group, although the selection criteria will be that all applicant universities participate with at least one group, so if the applications exceed the number of participants, each university must choose their group/s.


Likewise, the 2nd Architecture with ‘Ñ’ Awards, designed for all architects, will be held within the framework of ePower & Building 2018. They are organised by CSCAE (Senior Council of the College of Architects of Spain) in collaboration with the COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid), which will act as a technical office for receiving projects and dealing with queries.


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